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If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact us on the following details...
(03) 9347 6974
0433 164 739
(03) 9347 6975
123 Lygon Street, Carlton, VIC 3053<

Experience the family culture & atmosphere

the culture that is Mercadante

Feels Like Were in Venice



Come in and see why Mercadante is full every night. Carlos has been operating this restaurant for 12 years delivering amazing food, attention to detail and service is second to none.


Friendly staff behind the open pizza/oven, churning out hundreds of pizzas a day, each one lovingly decorated with gourmet ingredients, crafted with gentle yet creative hands. A boiling kitchen headed by the ever imaginative Chefs, tending to every request and need of the customers. Children and adults enjoying the atmosphere as much as the food, kids presented with a jar of texters to draw on the paper table covers while waiting for their meals..


If all this was not enough, Carlos promises a world of entertainment and tricks to any customer who is willing to be dazzled by his creativity. So to not give away too much of the surprises in store, we invite you to come in and experience the family culture and atmosphere, the culture that is Mercadante.


Catering functions are available upon request. From $15 - $20 per head for kids, day excursions which include pizza and soft drinks to $50 -$75 per head for your next function depending on date and number of people (set menu). We will tailor the occasion to your requests. Entertainment is free!


P.S. Make sure you leave some room for our world famous chocolate pizza.